Artist's Statement

The visual world explodes with color in every season of the year.

The vibrancy and fluidity of oil paints, whether straight from the tube or

mixed with other hues, affords me the opportunity to translate onto

canvas the abundant richness I see and feel around me.

My painting, which I call interpretive realism,helps me explain my

existence and puts my world in order.

To approach a white canvas, to move a color-laden brush on

that surface and define and redefine ones inner vision is an exhilarating,

challenging, frightening and exhausting experience.

When Im absorbed in my painting, Im unaware of the passage

of time and the sounds around me. I am thoroughly immersed in the

creative process. And loving every minute of it!



The work of Ruth Epstein is appreciated
It is easy to see why. The
magnetism of her paintings pulls you back
to it over and over.
Chelmsford (MA)independent